Abhishek delivered the keynote at the Future Finance Hong Kong Summit on “The Power of outcome-focused data transformation. His keynote focused on

  • Transforming data estate to meet strategic organisational goals
  • Data & AI backed solutions converting customer engagements to business growth
Abhishek also shared the key challenges in the data driven journey for an organisation, and gave examples of key frameworks which AIA has leveraged for their data estate modernisation under his leadership.

Abhishek spoke with fellow panelists from Sunlife, BOC Life, Alteryx & Accenture about challenges in becoming data-driven organization. This panel focused on

  • How is your company transforming into a data driven organization and how has this changed the way decisions are made?
  • Becoming a data driven organization like Google/tech companies is challenging for many insurers. Why is data transformation so challenging in insurance industry?
  • Does an approach to implement dozens of use cases yield benefits, and where do you see highest ROIs on data transformation?

Abhishek spoke with CIO Asia & Databricks on how to recession proof your business with strong data foundations. This talk focused on

  • Why existing data architectures are unable to cope with new data requirements
  • Which data governance challenges organizations are facing today 
  • What a modern data architecture is and how it overcomes the challenges
  • Best practices to bridge data gaps to maximize your BI and AI investments
  • How a data and analytics landscape evolves in the next two years

Abhishek spoke at MarTech Summit about managing  and safeguarding customer data in the MarTech world. This talk focused on

  • How do large multi-national organizations keep Customer data up to date, while addressing data inconsistencies?
  • The most surprising or counter intuitive business insight gained from data?
  • How to find if the data is getting outdated and needed a change in the marketing strategy?
  • With data privacy getting stricter, is it becoming harder to collect data to personalise?